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Quest 4 of 4 Won't Someone Think of the Children!?Edit

Mayor, our city's children are still having literacy issues! Let's get them out of toys and into books!

Sell 2 Toys.
Increase your city's population to 16000.
Gain 15 Citizens by clicking on Sedans .

Quest Complete!

Rosemary: Wow, Mayor .... - I misjudged you! Just look how excited people are for the Bookstore! They're going to learn so much when they learn to read!

Kurt: Kurt Steele here! This Bookstore's great! I've just picked up "A Beginner's Guide to Fracking!" How is this not a bestseller?!

Rosemary: Of course, there's stil a lot of work to be done...

Great work! Nothing teaches a love of reading like taking away every other conceivable form of entertainment.

Rewards: 220 Coins, 5xp, 1 Diploma