Quest 1 of 4 Many Hands Make... uh... Something-Something.Edit

Quest 2 of 4 A League of Her OwnEdit

I've done some reading, Mayor - we can get the most out of our volunteers if we start organizing. You get everyone together - I'll work on the logo!

Craft 4 T-Shirts at the Bazaar.
Collect from Neighborhood Bars 1 Time (and organize a meet-up!)
Have 10 Hammers (for your volunteers from Houses!)

Quest Complete! Great work, Mayor! I've got our logo all worked out - say hello to the Community Response Activism Patrol!... hang on, why's everyone looking at me funny?

Rewards: 3xp, 120 coins Kurt: Kurt Steele here! You know, Mayor ..., you work too hard! Even a Quarterback can't pitch a no-hitter every period!

Kurt: You gotta kick back every once in a while. Let's blow off some steam, you and me! Kurt Steele!

Quest 3 of 4 Why do you build me up?Edit

Quest 4 of 4 Give Accreditation where Accredit is DueEdit